راهکارهای درمانی خاص در درمان لکنت زبان کلینیک تخصصی لکنت کرج کلاک بالا- خیابان نظامعلی (شهید محمودی نژاد)

راهکارهای درمانی خاص در درمان لکنت زبان کلینیک تخصصی لکنت کرج کلاک بالا- خیابان نظامعلی (شهید محمودی نژاد)


fluency count will only record that both had 1 percent SS. Clearly, the severity of the moments of stuttering must be considered alongside the frequency data. To deal with this, it is commonplace for clinicians to note, in addition to the frequency and syllable count data, the main characteristics of the stutter, and within each category (phoneme repetition, prolongation, etc.) to record the mean number of repe¬titions (or length of prolongation, etc.) alongside the most severe moments. A hypothetical example of such an adjunct might take the form shown in the box.

In an ideal world one would go into much greater detail, perhaps listing objective data on the proportion of stuttering within each subtype; the num¬ber of blocks, repetitions, prolongations, etc. represented as a percentage of the total amount of stuttering; loci of stuttering, and so on. Such data may be essential in certain research papers which are looking at stuttering character¬istics, for example, but faced with the reality of time pressures in a busy clinic this is rarely possible. Instead, such information is likely to be noted infor¬mally alongside the fluency count data.

Reliability in calculating moments of stuttering and rate of speech

It is important that counting is done accurately, and we have already outlined a number of potential difficulties with the fluency count. To help ensure that the data are being collected in a systematic and accurate fashion reliability checks can be made. There are two basic types of reliability measures; intra¬rater and inter-rater measures. Intra-rater reliability reflects how consistent a count is (of either rate of speech or stuttering severity) with another count made by the same person on the same data sample. Say, for example, a clinician analyzes a passage and records 30 moments of stuttering in 300 syllables (thus 10 percent SS). The clinician subsequently analyzes that same passage some time later but arrives at a slightly different number of stuttering moments; let’s say 33 in this case. Running an intra-rater check would deter¬mine whether this discrepancy is acceptable, or not. Similarly, inter-rater

reliability refers to the degree to which two (or more) independent raters arrive at similar results

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